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Ashleigh trained my sweet girl, Lulu. First and foremost, Ashleigh has been beyond wonderful. Not only did she train Lulu, but she was so accomodating with every aspect of the training . . . even the follow up visits!!! Her knowledge of my dog's behavior was amazing. Her professionalism, courtesy, and politeness are so refreshing. She really cares ... and it shows! She's right up there with Santa Claus in my book!!!! My Lulu is part German Shepard, part Border Collie. I couldn't walk without Lulu under my feet. She was just a 15 week old pupply that had no manners and certainly no concerns when it came to listening to me. Ashleigh spent 3 weeks with Lulu and I feel like I have a new dog. Lulu is exceptionally smart; but when Ashleigh added her expertise and God-given talent to the equation, our lives have been "less stressed" having a dog that literally listens to every command we give her. My heartfelt thanks to Ashleigh for her love, patience, and knowledge with dogs! Kudos!!!!!!!!

-- Rene Ashworth